What is the EERA JP Fuel Cells and Hydrogen?

In the Joint Programme on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (JP FCH), organisations from different European countries collaborate to provide scientific excellence in defining the research agenda for the next phase of break-through research in the field of fuel cells, electrolysers, and hydrogen.

The partners in JP FCH strongly believe that basic research and ambitious innovation is needed to achieve consolidated technological leadership in the evolving global energy paradigm. Hydrogen is set to be a game-changer in the way the European economy is sustained, which brings about massive challenges in achieving the required scale, reliability and integration of sectors, heavily depending on sound science and a fertile value chain. The JP FCH is fully aware of the risks of fragmented, dispersive efforts in isolated environments, and is committed to increase the effectiveness and impact of fundamental research, aligning activities and assembling a critical mass of research capability.

The JP FCH therefore aims to improve cooperation on strategic topics, by collectively planning and implementing a joint research programme that addresses key priorities in development and innovation. The JP is open to all European academic institutions and research organisations, and interacts closely with other JPs, such as AMPEA, Energy Storage, Bioenergy and many others, testifying to the central role fuel cells and hydrogen can play in the energy transition, encouraging synergies, towards a more resilient Energy Union marked by a solid penetration of FCH technologies.