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Warsaw University of Technology


Main activities on fuel cells, electrolysers and hydrogen

Main competences and lines of research

  • Manufacturing and development of MCFC components (electrodes, matrix and electrolyte)
  • Electrochemical characterization of fuel cell(s)/electrolyser cells and stacks (mainly molten carbonate fuel cell(s))
  • Fuel cells modelling and system optimization. Models are built based on own-approach

Relevant national/European projects ongoing or concluded


  • 2016-2019 Poland-Taiwan bilateral project -Innovative matrix materials for molten carbonate fuel cells
  • 2020-2023 Poland-Norway bilateral project - Modular system based on Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells with tailored composite membranes designed for specific flue gas compositions oriented into CCS integration with an industrial power plant


  • Strategic Research Programme - 2010-2015 - Development of high-performance zero-emission coal based systems with CO2 capture
  • Research project - 2015-2018 - High-performance molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFC)
  • Research project – 2017-2020 - Development of technology for the recovery of precious metals and rare earth metals to manufacture of molten carbonate fuel cell components
  • Research project – 2017-2023 - Development of the industrial scale of molten carbonate fuel cells and solid oxide electrolysers for integration into power-to-gas installations
  • Research project 2017-2020 (National Research Center) - Investigation and implementation of a dynamic model of 1 kW stack of a molten carbonate fuel cell
  • Research project 2017-2020 (National Research Center) - The new model of proton conducting solid oxide fuel cell based on Reduced Order approach

Research infrastructures

  • Professional test bench dedicated for molten carbonate fuel cells 








  • 1 kW size MCFC stacks










  • MCFC production line (including production of anodes, cathodes, electrolyte and matrix)
  • ultra-high resolution TEM, STEM, SEMs and both nano and micro- X-ray Tomography (X-Ray micro-CT SkyScan 1174; X-Ray nanotomograph SkyScan 2011)
  • computer cluster consisting of more than 300 AMD Opteron cores and many high-performance workstations