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Info Materials 28 October 2020

EERA JP FCH Scientific Roundtables

EERA JP FCH Scientific Roundtables event has been held on 28 October 2020 remotely by video conference. The event discussed important updates on the policy front and from our fellow-scientists on key topics for the hydrogen community.

The first in the series of Scientific Roundtables that JP FCH will be organising while pandemic restrictions last, covered the aspects of gas transport and distribution in a decarbonized Europe. Channeling hydrogen from production to utilization sites while keeping down costs and maintaining system flexibility and resilience poses many possibilities. With a contribution from JP CCS as well, it emerged that the legacy gas infrastructure - while it clearly needs to be exploited to the full - will need to be augmented with networks for hydrogen and CO2 exchange. The prospects for the European Natural Gas grid are thereby discussed.

Enjoy the discussion!


1.Hydrogen at scale RoundTable Peho201028



4.Blue Hydrogen and CO2 Transport

5.Transformation of EU NG gas grid to H2